Social Media Package for the 10 Habits

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Social Media Package for the 10 Habits.jpg

Social Media Package for the 10 Habits


Need to post articles, memes, and pictures on healthy habits?

Everything you need to make your task fast and easy.


 Over 370 entries

– multitude of options for each of the 10 habits

 Numerous subtopics covered

 Introduction text is written for you.

 Media is linked and/or included in package

 Media Types: article, quote, engaging statement, video, picture, meme, audio, book suggestion

 Ability to sort and filter by: Subtopic, Media Type, Source, Author, Title, Length, Rating, Source Date, Last Used

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This package of over 370 posts is a product of over 4 years of collecting relevant articles, videos, inspiring quotes, and creating memes, engagement posts and thought provoking questions for my course members. I've taught 12 rounds of Align and Thrive (my version of Body Thrive) and have gotten tons of feedback that the FB posts inspire them to stay on track and provide additional information to motivate them to work on the habits.

Both my assistant and I have spend over 100 hours putting together this information and organizing it an in a way that can be outsourced to a VA or easily done yourself - saving your hours of time on the computer!

In this package you have over a year's worth of posts to schedule into your private group's page or use on your business page. All related to the 10 habits, habit evolution. Never worry about what to post in your group ever again!