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Dana has transformed my idea of yoga and certainly transformed my body. I have never felt more open in my shoulders and hips and attribute it to Dana’s style of teaching. She is a highly skilled teacher with a special gift for communicating safe and proper alignment. She is also incredibly creative and I love the element of variety that she brings into her classes. Dana has a lovely disposition, is very encouraging and compassionate, and a true joy to practice with. I feel grateful and honored to call her my teacher.
— Barb Vermassen
I am so grateful to have found Dana Skoglund as a teacher. She is brilliant. Her attention to alignment is unparalleled and my yoga practice has advanced significantly since I began studying with her nearly 2 years ago. Dana is an exceptionally skilled teacher and as a teacher myself, I have often looked to her for guidance and mentorship. Her calm manner and deep knowledge are a continued source of inspiration.
— Shauna Nyrose
You mean so very much to me. I’ve tried yoga before and I’ve liked it, but you have made me love it! I like being meticulous and precise and your guidance has meant the world to me. I have become more open-minded both on the mat and off of it because of you. I never thought I would ever get into handstand. Never. I don’t think I even wanted to get into it! But you were so encouraging and patient. I now love when we practice it. I even practice it at home!!! I feel stronger physically and mentally and more willing to try new and different things in my life. You are inspirational, compassionate and kind.
— Faye
Dana is a raw, organic, dynamic, authentic teacher, mentor, philosopher and friend.
— Monique Ducharme
Being an insomniac was always the most reliable thing in my life. A few months ago I realized that I lacked more and more energy and resilience. So I thought, I have to do something and it might as well be this.

If someone would have told me that after just a few weeks I would get up at 5.30 in the morning after 7 hours of the deepest possible sleep and full of energy & excitement to start all my various fun projects, I would never have believed it. So what’s happened? Hard to explain, but it felt easy and natural. It was the empathetic guidance of a wonderful coach, a supportive group that shared amazing stories, and a clear goal on the horizon. Thank you, Dana Vanwoerden Skoglund! Keep doing your magic. For me it’ll be an ongoing learning curve, and an ever surprising route to travel.
— Karin Eger-Blenk
Dana is a natural, strong teacher. I personally love her creative and fun approach to asana and the knowledge she’s shared in her workshops I’ve attended. She is constantly keeping up on her studies and always trying to better herself and her classes and it shows. Her understanding and application of alignment in asana is excellent. She truly has inspired me as a teacher and helped me to transform my own practice with her knowledge of Anusara Yoga.
— Tara Pilling
I am doing so well because you are an amazing teacher and coach!! I cannot thank you enough for lighting the way for me . I feel amazing and my intuition continues to become stronger and my mind clearer. I feel strong in a gentle way.. I continue to be amazed and incredibly grateful by all of the positive changes in my life ... I really love the person I am becoming ...
I am so grateful for everything that you have done for me from the yoga to the health coaching. I am loving the new version of me. I feel SO happy.”
— Denise Dillon
Dana Yoga Health Coaching course opened up the realization that it’s possible to put life changing habits in to place. I had really lost hope in some ares of my life. I thought I wasn’t able to stick with things long enough and that it was just “who I was”. I was stuck in these old stories of “I am not a morning person”, “I am unorganized” - although I desperately wanted to be an “organized morning person”. Learning about my comstitution suddenly made my whole life make sense, the highs and lows I experience and the general state of discomfort. Dana laid it all out in small bite-sized steps, each leading in to one another in a very non-threatening kind of way. For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel overwhelmed with all I wanted to be, do and change. The golden nugget for me was that change happens one step little step at a time. Re-vamping habits and replacing old habits is totally possible. Knowing this has opened up my entire life from the seat of “possible”.
Infinite gratitude.
— Grace Edison
I’ve been practicing yoga for 7 years and only found Dana this past March. She has inspired me to try poses that my mind had never allowed me to explore, and what an amazing feeling when you can actually get into the poses! The way that she describes the teeniest bits of our anatomy in order to reach those poses is so unique, I find myself just listening and making the necessary adjustments without thinking “what IS she talking about???”. Dana has always been very welcoming in every class, I’ve always felt at home and very comfortable in her classes. I feel like I’ve learned more in the past 6 months than I have in the past 6 years! “She’s so awesome”, that’s what I truly say to all of my friends.
— Jodi MacDonald