mentoring for yoga teachers

Are you a passionate yoga teacher that loves what you do but finds yourself struggling to make ends meet? Do you want to develop your career as a yoga teacher but aren’t sure which steps to take? Are you a newer teacher who feels like you need to refine your skills further to create more powerful and transformative classes?

There are a lot of questions that can’t be answered in the context of a teaching training course, but that come up once you get out there and start teaching. If you are looking for answers to those questions, and desire more individual support that is applicable to where you are now, then consider working with me for one on one mentor work.


I can support you with the following classroom skills

  • Sequencing strategies to empower your students to make breakthroughs in their practice
  • Alignment principles and how to clearly articulate proper alignment and engagement
  • Learn practical tools to generate and refine authentic themes, and how to use them to increase the potency of your classes.
  • Teaching advanced poses
  • Working skillfully with mixed level groups
  • Language and cuing skills. Refining your verbal instructions so that you are clear, concise and engaging.
  • Finding your unique voice and speaking from the heart through authentic sharing
  • Hands-on assists to help prevent injury, ensure safety and encourage proper alignment while instilling a deeper connection between teacher and student
  • Injuries and Therapeutics: Learn the root of common injuries and how to give educated advice to students on how to prevent and heal their issues.
  • Designing workshops and retreats that people will love
  • Taking the seat of the teacher and gaining confidence in what you have to offer

I also offer coaching in the following areas-

  • Defining your mission and overall vision as a teacher
  • Creating a career vision with real time goals
  • How to create a thriving community around your vision
  • How to craft a teaching career that is sustainable on multiple levels
  • How to stay engaged in your studies 
  • Where to find the resources you need to further your growth as a teacher and entrepreneur


I can work with you locally, or online, so location is not an issue, however, to work with me online you will need to have the ability to record your classes in order for me to offer feedback and support.

*if you have a small group of teachers that would like to work with me as a group either locally or online please contact me directly.


Cost will depend on what you choose to focus on and how much time you want to invest in working with me. Once you have applied to work with me, and submitted your goals and intentions, I will create a package that will help you to meet them at the most affordable cost I can offer.


I have made to choice to move forward in my mentor work with yoga teachers in this way as I have found that while the group coaching programs I offered in the past were helpful, for the majority of people getting specific and personalized feedback and support regarding their own teaching and career path is even more effective. By working with me one on one you will get-

  • my undivided attention and support
  • detailed feedback on your teaching
  • clear and specific action steps that have been personalized for you
  • someone to hold you accountable to your goals
  • the advice of a senior teacher who has over ten years teaching experience

If you have questions or would like more info please contact me directly.