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Please help yourself to the following tip sheets, webinars, mini courses, and past challenges.  All yours to enjoy and share.  This is just a small taste of what you’ll find in my coaching programs

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Hack Your Willpower Tip Sheet

Willpower is unreliable, easily exhausted and not around when you need it the most.
Unless... you know how to hack it!

This tip sheet is chock full of effective ways to master self-control, make better choices and align your actions with your highest goals and intentions.

Make better decisions in your day-to-day life.

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Top 5 Productivity Tips

Work smarter, not harder.  Learn my top 5 productivity tips to get more done in less time.

Take back control of your day.

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Get Great Sleep Checklist

Trouble sleeping?  Restless nights?  Wake up feeling sluggish, unmotivated and foggy?

Receive the best scientific-based strategies, hacks and tips to craft a great night's sleep.

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Healthy Eating Tips

Ready for healthy eating, simplified?  I'll send you over these guidelines to start eating better simply.

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Habits of Happiness

Unlock the Habits of Happiness Blueprint !  Stop chasing happiness and start living a life you LOVE.

  • Are you too busy for what's most important and stuck on a hamster wheel of life?

  • Is nothing lighting you up and you're not sure what your purpose is?

  • Do you lack the clarity or confidence to follow your dreams?

  • Are you drifting through life without direction or focus?

  • Are you ready to tap into the state of happiness that comes when you're living a mindful, intentional and fulfilling life?


Master Your MIndset Tipsheet

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have.  

Learn to progam your mind to get the results you want.

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I'll send you my top tips for developing a positive mindset and
learn to break through the mental barriers that are holding you back!

Yoga Habits Masterclass

Take Your Yoga Off the Mat: 3 Daily Habits for More Energy and Less Stress.

  • 3 keys to unlock sustained energy, better digestion, effortless weight loss and deep sleep - that you're probably not doing

  • How a simple shift in your daily routine can help YOU gain more mental clarity and stabilize your moods

  • How to align your day with nature’s rhythms to access greater energy and deeper ease (so you can kick the sugar and caffeine habit)

  • Learn the daily habits of a yogi to experience that post-savasana bliss... more of the time (and have more patience for the important people in your life)