Empowered Living

Course Description & Pricing

12 Months

to dive into the deeper aspects of Ayurveda,

with an emphasis on personal contact and hands-on experiences, to help you fully immerse, evolve and thrive in a healthy lifestyle.

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Content & Connection

Monthly Webinar focusing on practical Ayurveda.  A new topic each month plus bonus webinars and worksheets.

One-on-One Personalized Ayurvedic Assessment & Consultation to help you know your health needs and design your healthy lifestyle.  Done via Skype.

Monthly Group Coaching Call discussing the topic of the month to teach and support you on your Ayurvedic journey towards better health.

Monthly One-on-One Coaching Session of 20 minutes with me, scheduled regularly to catapult you over the hurdles. (value $900)

Monthly Book Club to further expand your knowledge of Ayurveda and related health topics.

Mastermind Group participation for accountability, support, and brainstorming with like-minded peers.

Challenges & Participation

Monthly Challenges and Gamifications to propel you to the next level of thriving.

Create a Clutter-Free Home Challenge in our summer challenge; and enjoy the peace & calm of your home.

21-Day Spring Detox program where you will refresh yourself with the support of the community. (value $150)

21-Day Fall Rejuvenation program where you will love the self-care practices.


Hands-on For Locals

Monthly In-Person-Hands-On Workshops to give you intimate skills and support to put your knowledge into practice.  For locals.  (value $500)

Unlimited Yoga Classes at my home studio.  For locals. (value $650)

Media and Materials

Monthly Website Pages filled with videos and resources to introduce and elaborate on the topic of the month.

Tip Sheets and Work Sheets to help you implement a healthier life style.

Own Your Constitution video training series to help you understand and apply Ayurveda and yourself.

Ongoing Community

Lifetime Support and Accountability in our private CEE-EL Facebook Group to help you stay on track.

Library of Yoga Classes to access to help your move your body, and connect mind, body, spirit.

Meditations for you to download, to help you turn inward and spark your intuitive wisdom.

This 12 month program has a rotating schedule throughout the year - which allows you to enroll and start the course on any month of the year.   The schedule for the year can be found on the Empowered Living Monthly Topic page.