empowered living course

Become the Fittest, Healthiest and Happiest Version of Yourself

Learn how Ayurveda can help you thrive in body, mind and heart

Are you not as fit, lean, and strong as you want to be?
Do you wish you had more time for yourself and a deeper level of self-care?
Do you feel unorganized, overwhelmed and surrounded by clutter?
Do you grapple with finding balance between family time, you time and work?
Are you stretched too thin, too busy and not spending enough time on activities that bring you joy?

We can often feel at a loss for making the changes that we want. We try and fail and try and fail and often eventually give up after many unsuccessful attempts. Without the right guidance, support and plan of action change is difficult, if not impossible.

But when we plug into a community of like-minded peeps with similar goals we step onto the fast track to growth with more ease, fun and efficiency then when we try to go it alone.

Empowered Living is for you if you want to:

  • Prioritize self care + steep yourself in ritual
  • Free your life of clutter + build an inner and outer sanctuary
  • Connect more deeply in your relationships
  • Strengthen intuition + build unbreakable trust in yourself
  • Detox your body for more mental and physical clarity
  • Get unstuck and live a more empowered life
  • Deepen your understanding of practical Ayurveda
  • Learn to move through your life with more ease and flow
  • Build confidence and inner strength
  • Experience a wellspring of energy and zest for life
  • Let go of patterns of sabotage and self doubt
  • Cultivate stronger boundaries, live on your terms

Integrating the principles and habits of yoga and Ayurveda helped me take control of my life. I went from burnt out to highly energized and from lost to on purpose. I learned how to read my body like a book and to put my health in my own hands.

Over the past few years I’ve helped my students transform their bodies and prioritize self care. This course was such a success the first time I taught it that I had a 100% return rate the second year!

This course will bring you through a complete revolution in your personal growth. It will help you shift from stress into ease and from clutter to clarity through guidance, innovative conversation, dynamic peer support and wisdom teachings. 

This course is created for you to fall in love with your life!

What past participants are saying...


"The Empowered Living group with Dana has been a sanctuary of divine learning opportunity. Dana helped me dive into the turbulent waters of my life and taught me tools to not only survive but thrive through the rapids. The Empowered Living group was a strong community who supported me through my habit changes. Just like the name of the group says; after this course, I feel empowered in my life."                          -Shauna McGowen


"Empowered Living has been a life-changing experience. As a result of this course I took steps towards my desires in areas that I was previously stuck. I now move through my life with so much more ease - I feel fantastic!"                            - Denise Dillon

"The Empowered Living Course is an amazing course and an excellent continuation to Align & Thrive!!  It's very much like having a garden; the more you choose to commit to tending to it, the greater the result. It has really helped me to deepen my daily yoga practice: meditation, journaling, pranayama & asana. The weekly lessons are rich with information and I liked that I could revisit them at my convenience. The Empowered Living Course has helped me to define & redefine what's important for me to support myself & my family: from healthy meals to setting attainable & realistic goals to planning vacations, essential self care and parenting, etc... Dana has created a Beautiful Ayurvedic Environment with Empowered Living: I love the sense of belonging to a community; it's safe, supportive and fun! In my experience over 9 months, the course has opened up so much more than I realized it could - the possibilities are endless! I'm very thankful for the connections I made with fellow students throughout the course... I loved the course so much that I'm enrolling in Empowered Living again! There are so many more things I'd like to explore and expand on and I want to stay connected to a community that helps me feel grounded!"          - Elise Dunn

"I am more willing to throw caution to the wind and trust that most people are good. I finished a biking trip that was grueling, adventurous and scenic. This never would have happened a year ago. I gained calm and reflection into my life. It brought meaning to my everyday."                                               - Fiona Weiss

"In the past year of taking Align and Thrive and Empowered Living I have transformed my life-long habits. For the first time in over 20 years I am down 13 pounds and feel so much more energized. I will never go back to my old way of being. It's such a blessing that Dana came across my path."               - Paule Mondor

Empowered Living is a 6 month journey into optimal health and body wisdom through the lense of yoga and Ayurveda

What it includes:

  • Weekly webinars
  • Worksheets and tip sheets for implementing the weekly lessons
  • Bi-monthly meetings (incl. workshops and guest teachers) 
  • Day retreat in Kelowna with interactive workshops and lunch (optional)
  • Group Detox
  • All-access pass to join any Align and Thrive session 
  • membership to the practice page with yoga classes and guided meditations
  • one one-on-one coaching session with me per month so I can offer you individualized support
  • 20% off local yoga classes and workshops
  • Mastermind groups for accountability and support 

What we’ll do:

  • Create a clear, clutter-free home that invokes ease 
  • Simplify your life to create space for what’s most important
  • Learn how to put the power of healing in your own hands
  • Build a solid foundation of thriving health with daily self-care habits
  • Bring the wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda into your everyday life
  • Learn how to balance your dosha and live in rhythm with nature’s cycles

The purpose of this course is to empower members to optimize their life, radically improve their health and instill a deep confidence and self trust to be able to fully step into their purpose through guidance, accountability structures (masterminding) and group support. It's ultimately about being part of an evolving community of like-minded peers supporting each other on the journey to thrive.