Empowered Living - Monthly Topics

Each month we will fully immerse ourselves into a different topic of Ayurveda. 

With webinars, coaching, masterminds, videos, readings, challenges, hands-on workshops, and group forums; you have the opportunity to live, breathe, and be a Ayurvedic healthy person loving your inspiring environment.

01 January.jpg

January - Goal Setting

Webinars - Goal Setting, Your Vision, Your Why, Your Identity, Weekly Planning & Review

Workshop - Annual Visioning

Challenge - No Sugar


02 February.jpg

February - Natural Beauty Care

Webinars - Ayurvedic Facials, Aromatherapy

Workshop - DIY Ayurvedic Facials, Natural Mouth Care

Challenge - Journalling


03 March.jpg

March - Subtle Body Anatomy

Webinars - Chakras, Koshas

Workshop - Fermented Foods, Mala-Making, Japa Meditation

Challenge - Intermittent Fasting, Intermittent Movement

Book - Clean or Clean Gut

04 April.jpg

April - Detox

Webinars - Spring Seasonal Wisdom, Preparing to Detox,  Detox, Emerging From Your Detox

Workshop - Detox Yoga

Challenge - Detox

Book - Letting Go

05 May.jpg

May - Kitchen Medicine

Webinars - Kitchen Medicine, Plants as Medicine, Ayurvedic Herbs

Workshop - Wild Plant Walk

Challenge - Eat Green


06 June.jpg

June - Master Your Mind

Webinars - Summer Seasonal Wisdom, Stress, Optimism, Somatic Experiencing, Gunas & the Mind

Workshop - AcroFit

Challenge - Zero Waste

Book - Essentialism

07 July.jpg

July - Healthy Home

Webinars - Vastu, Zero Waste, Architect Your Choices, Equilibrium Zero

Workshop - Kombucha, Kefir,  Permaculture

Challenge - Summer DeClutter

Book - Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

08 August.jpg

August - DeClutter

Webinars - Travel Tips

Workshop - Day Retreat, Pitta Pacifying Foods

Challenge - Summer DeClutter

Book - Spark Joy

09 Sept.jpg

September - Moon Cycles

Webinars - Moon Cycles, Stages of Life, Menopause, Preparing for Pregnancy, Healthier Kids

Workshop - Moon Rituals, Family Yoga

Challenge - Morning Routine


10 October.jpg

October - Fall Rejuvenation

Webinars - Fall Seasonal wisdom, Vata Time, 2 Week Rejuvenation

Workshop - Mason Jar Salad Party

Challenge - Vata Balancing, Rejuventation


11 Nov.jpg

November - Optimal Digestion

Webinars - Agni & Ama, 6 Tastes, Digestion, Feeding Body & Mind &Spirit

Workshop - Winter Garden

Challenge - Optimal Digestion

Book - Explore Your Hunger

12 Dec.jpg

December - Immune Building

Webinars - Winter Seasonal Wisdom, Immune Building, Ojas & Prana & Tejas

Workshop - Sweet Sleepshop

Challenge - Connection Not Consumption