Empowered Living Membership

This is an opportunity to continue to refine and embed the 10 habits of Align and Thrive

and take them to the next level.

  • Free your life of clutter + build an inner and outer sanctuary

  • Strengthen intuition + build unbreakable trust in yourself

  • Detox your body for more mental and physical clarity

  • Get unstuck and live a more empowered life

  • Deepen your understanding of practical Ayurveda

  • Learn to move through your life with more ease and flow

  • Experience a wellspring of energy and zest for life

  • Let go of patterns of sabotage and self doubt

  • Prioritize self care + steep yourself in ritual

You will gain more space, more ease and more flow in your life.

Each quarter, we’ll focus on a Different Theme…..

Fall - Food

fall seasonal wisdom

agni and ama

6 tastes

optimizing digestion

feeding body, mind and spirit

kitchen medicine

kitchen sadhana

herbal medicine

immune building

Winter - Mindset

winter seasonal wisdom

Stress management

gunas and the mind


somatic experiencing

moon cycles

tejas, ojas, prana

5 koshas

re-wiring subconsciousness

Spring - Detox

preparing for detox


emerging from detox

beauty care

spring seasonal wisdom

plants as medicine

equilibrium zero

Summer - Declutter

zero waste


travel tips

healthier kids

stages of life

summer seasonal wisdom

architect choices


We’ll do a group detox in the Spring and Fall to continue to uplevel your diet and optimize your digestion.

Those in Kelowna will get access to Monthly in-Person Workshops including:


Kitchen sadhana and meal prep

Fermented Foods

Mala-making and Japa meditation

Sweet Sleepshop

Annual Visioning Day Retreat

Winter Garden

DIY body care and facials


Moon Rituals

Buddha Bowls and the 6 tastes

Gut shots and tonics

… And so much more …



Locals also get

unlimited yoga classes for the whole year !!!


The Empowered Living Yearly Membership includes:


✔️ Access to the Empowered Living library of over 35 webinars on Ayurveda and healthy living ($1250 value)

✔️ Access to Align and Thrive and members practice page

✔️ Spring Detox $150

✔️ 10-Day Fall Detox $100

✔️ Monthly book recommendation based on quarterly theme

✔️ Tipsheets, worksheets and extra resources for deeper integration

✔️ Option to participate in a mastermind or book club group

✔️ Monthly Q&A zoom meetings

✔️ Monthly seasonal recipes and meal plans

✔️ And many more bonuses including but not limited to guest teacher workshops and challenges


Local option also includes:

 ✔️ Monthly interactive workshops (approximate value of $500 per year)

✔️ Quarterly Day retreats $300

✔️ Unlimited yoga classes $500/year

Your investment:

Locals    - $999/year or $100/month (12 month commitment) ($3000 value)

Non-locals - $600/year or $60/month (12 month commitment) ($1700 value)