September 2018 - April 2019

It's time to start living the life you've only imagined




noun: purpose, duty, natural law or principle which governs the universe, virtue, the intrinsic nature of something or someone, ideal truth

To "do your dharma" is to discover your purpose, to receive your unique gifts and to make them an offering into the world. It's authentic and intentional living: finding out who you are and then to being that person fully and completely.   

Gain the confidence, clarity and structure to move towards tangible goals that are aligned with your purpose through goal setting, time management, optimal daily routines, positive mindset and a strong foundation of self care. 

In this 8 month program you will uncover your desires and gain the tools, resources, support system, and success mindset to release limiting beliefs and bust through your comfort zone to manifest your dreams.

Your life is full - but not in a good way. 
You have so many ideas, projects, and obligations - each competing for your precious time. 
You desperately want to feel organized, in control, calm, and accomplished. 
But instead you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, reactive and cranky.
You feel stuck, lost, and aimless. You sense that you’re capable of doing and being more but you’re not sure what your next step should be.
You struggle with goal setting and sticking to your goals. 
You feel pulled towards doing something more but you don’t know where to start... 

You want confidence to follow your dreams
You want clarity on what to focus on
You want a streamlined system to meet goals
You want to find a daily routine to help you be consistent and move towards your dreams with ease...

Do Your Dharma is for you if you want to:

  • Unclutter your space to cultivate ease
  • Uncover your dreams
  • Clarify your vision and reach your goals 
  • Discover your purpose
  • Create a structure for your personal growth
  • Master your time and be more productive
  • Become more focused and organized
  • Release fear and build confidence 
  • Take action towards your dreams and desires
  • Live in the present and be more intentional
  • Connect with a like-minded community 
  • Take control of your life!

Only 4 years ago I was a struggling yoga teacher and frustrated, burnt out mother. I was faced with a difficult decision to either find a way to live my dream or give it up for something more "sensible". I had no idea how, but I was determined not to settle because I had a feeling that more was possible. I had to learn how to overcome self-doubt, low self-worth, fear and anxiety. I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and push through self-defeating thoughts. I learned how to get organized, manage my time and plan my day. I learned goal setting strategies and how to ask for support. 

This program is an amalgamation of the tools, practices and thinking shifts that have enabled me to live a life I love, reach my goals and do so in a way that allows me to prioritize my self-care and live on my terms. I wake up excited for my day and end it with a deep sense of accomplishment.  Over the past few years of coaching students into this process my students have also reached big goals like writing and publishing a book, starting a podcast, completing a grueling biking trip and so much more.

What it includes:


  • Group Spring Detox ($100 value)
  • Day Retreat in Kelowna ($100 value)
  • $200 off All Retreats
  • 20% off Kula House yoga classes and workshops
  • Weekly webinars jam-packed with practical tips 
  • Worksheets and tip sheets for implementation
  • Bi-monthly meetings (incl. workshops + guest teachers) 
  • Mastermind groups for accountability and support
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with me
  • Membership to the private Do Your Dharma forum 


In this 8 month program you will be supported to reach your goals and live a life on purpose.  This is a loving, accepting, non-judgemental community who will encourage vulnerability, authenticity and allow you to feel seen and heard. By the end of this experience you will feel more competent to manifest your dreams and feel a deep sense of accomplishment every single day.