This changed my life

I remember back, about 5 years ago about a year after having my second son, when I was frustrated with not having enough time for me. I complained to my husband and played the “woe is me” card and felt hard done by that life was hard and I felt stuck in a vicious cycle of “getting through the day” but not feeling particularly happy in my life.

My husband suggested that I start getting up early (as he did) to take some time to do yoga before the kids were awake. Until that point I was not a morning person. I stayed in bed until the last possible moment at which point I dragged myself out reluctantly and made a bee-line for the coffee pot. After a few cups of coffee I felt relatively human again and stepped on the treadmill of my day - moving fast but going nowhere. 

I eventually decided that I did indeed want to start this getting up early craziness and I asked my husband to be my alarm clock and help me get me out of bed. It took a while to get used to as my bed felt like a giant magnet in those wee morning hours, but eventually it became second nature.

Fast forward 5 years later, I wake up naturally around 5am every day without an alarm clock. I LOVE my morning routine which I continue to tweak and refine and includes some sort of exercise, mindfulness, self-care, reflection, and nourishment and sets me up for a great day.

Everything in my life changed once I started to seize the day by waking early and creating an intentional morning routine. I got physically stronger and healthier, I began meditating, I got more organized, I was less stressed, rushed and overwhelmed throughout the day, I became more productive, more focused, more present, more patient, I got happier, more calm and more grounded but mostly I felt like I really could design the life, the body and the experience I wanted to be having. The best part - everything keeps getting better.

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