The Importance of Self-Care, Daily Routines, and Setting Boundaries

How would you show up in your daily life if you felt like all of your needs were met and you treated yourself with compassion? In this day and age with our electronic devices constantly demanding immediate attention, overcommitted schedules for both ourselves and our families, managing our work and trying to take time out of each day to take care of our health and well-being, it can be hard to navigate each day with any sense of ease or balance.

I'm honored to be featured as a guest on my friend Sonya Looney's podcast. Sonya is an inspiring plant-based world champion endurance cyclist. In this conversation we discuss how to step off the hamster wheel and take control of your life and what it looks like to have a routine focused around self-care. 

We talk about knowing your core values so that you can set boundaries and align your actions with what is most important to you. Another great part of this conversation is time management and how to block off time during the day for yourself. Listen in to get some practical strategies for achieving better balance in your life.

I loved this conversation and I hope you do too!

Listen to the podcast here or find it on iTunes.