Spring Salads for Dinner

As we move into spring I've been craving more salads. These spring season salads are perfect for a lighter dinner. Roast Cauliflower and Grape Salad

Heat oven to 500. Roast a cut up cauliflower for 20-25 minutes.

Dressing: whisk 3 T olive oil, 1 T sherry wine vinegar, 1 T honey.

Toss dressing with 2 T capers, 1/4 c toasted pine nuts, 1/4 c grapes sliced in half, 2 T chopped parsley and roasted cauliflower

Three Pea Salad from The Forest Feast

1 c snow peas, 1 c peas, 1 c pea shoots, 1 T lemon zest, 1/4 c chopped pistachios, 1/4 golden raisins. Dress with olive oil, lemon juice and honey


Fennel, Arugula, Apple and Smoked-Trout Salad with Horseradish Dressing


1 1/2 tablespoons sour cream or plain yogurt

3 teaspoons olive oil, divided

2 teaspoons prepared horseradish

2 teaspoons finely chopped fresh dill

1 1/4 teaspoons white wine vinegar, divided

2 cups arugula

1 1/2 cups thinly sliced fennel bulb

1/3 cup thinly sliced red onion

2/3 cup smoked trout or smoked whitefish, coarsely flaked

1 red apple thinly sliced


Whisk sour cream, 1 1/2 teaspoons olive oil, horseradish, dill, and 3/4 teaspoon white wine vinegar in small bowl. Season dressing to taste with salt and pepper. Place arugula, fennel, and onion in medium bowl. Add 1 1/2 teaspoons olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon white wine vinegar; toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper.

Divide salad between 2 plates. Top with smoked fish. Drizzle horseradish dressing over and serve.

Brussel Sprout Quinoa Pear and Chorizo Salad from Small Bites Sweet Treats

1 lb brussel sprouts

½ c quinoa

2 Bosc or Anjou pears

3 oz chorizo (optional)

½ c arugula

Preheat oven to 400

1. Boil 1 c water and add quinoa and ¼ tsp salt for 20-25 min

2. Toss brussel sprouts w/ 3 tbs EVOO and ¼ tsp salt and bake for 20 min

3. Sauté chorizo in 1 tbs EVOO for 3 min

4. Toss quinoa, brussel sprouts, chorizo, pear and juice of ½ lemon with arugula