Ready for a reinvention?

The other day I was listening to this podcast and one quote really hit home with me. 

The thing you're most afraid of has already happened. 

Once burned, twice shy. Just look at kids – fearless and carefree. With little negative experiences under their belt, they live life in the moment – unafraid and adventurous. But us, on the other hand, fear that we might have to re-live the difficult events in our lives and end up NOT living as a result of that avoidance. 

The person we are today is a result of everything that's happened in our past. Our previous circumstances have shaped our identity, our patterns and our thinking. We've allowed those "stories" to define us. All the failures, difficulties, challenges, set-backs, rejections – all those painful moments have created a lens through which we see the world and ourselves.  

But we need not be victim to our past or let old ball and chains keep us anchored in old narratives.  

Tantric yoga takes the premise that we are inherently free. Svatantrya is the Sanskrit word for this innate freedom, our ability to choose our experience and to create who we want to be.  

Who we become is a product of what we're willing to let go of. The life we want is determined by what we're ready to release.  

Once we stop holding on to the past we see the invitation that is right in front of us. We can open up to unlimited possibilities that present themselves in every moment.  

As we approach the gifting season we have an opportunity to give ourselves the gift of forgiveness – to ourselves, to those who harmed us, to circumstances out of our control. We don’t have to bear the load and carry the baggage of the past on our shoulders. Offer it up, let it go and be open and curious to what we might put in its place. 

Forgiveness is for giving. 

 Allow yourself to reside in the groundlessness that comes from not holding on to limiting beliefs that weight us down and hold us back. Create yourself anew. Reinvent yourself to become the person you choose. Because the thinking that got you here won’t get you there. So write a new story. Craft your dream.  

Who do you need to forgive? What do you need to forgive yourself for? What do you need to let go of? Who do you want to become???