On being and becoming

Last week I did this test to discover my strengths. I highly recommend doing it.Studies show that people who use their strengths are happier, less stressed, more confident, healthier and more creative. One of my top 5 strengths isfuturist: my vision of the future inspires and energizes me. While my propensity for forward thinking can be valuable for goal setting and inspiring for others, my opportunity for growth lies in slowing down and simply being.

In yoga and Ayurveda, we always strive towards balance (see, there I go again – striving!). We seek to find equanimity in the opposites – effort and ease, being and becoming. So my practice has been to appreciate what I already have with my daily gratitude practice.

However, in addition to this daily habit, I have to catch myself when I get caught up in the thought - "when I'm finished with this project, then I'll have more time for fun and play" (this is a BIG growing edge for me). This year has been full and fulfilling as I've launched my biggest project yet – my Empowered Living Course. I've worked 7 days a week for many months. However, because of mynon-negotiable self-care practices, it hasn't been at the cost of my health. It has, however, been in the place of fun and play. Besides my nightly jump on the trampoline with the boys, my monthly girl's night and monthly date night with the hubby – I feel there's more room for pleasure and enjoyment in my life.

So my goal (pun intended), has been to "be" more. Instead of eating my lunch "catching up" on emails, I go outside and sit in the sun (Vitamin D dose + pleasure = 2 birds, 1 stone). I'm going to start taking dance lessons again. This summer I've decided to take 2 months completely off from coaching to go to the beach, hike, camp and who knows what else.

What about you? Are you having enough fun? Are you making time daily for play? According to dina charya, Ayurveda's prescription for daily living, our health depends on spending some time every day doing something purely for pleasure – nothing goal-oriented, just for fun. After all, life is short – we might as well enjoy it as much as possible : )

I recorded this short rant on my phone while driving (yes, I was talking to myself). The quality is shit but it's real and raw and what was on my mind.