My top habits for epic cleep

Is this you?

Sleep problems are no laughing matter. Sleep can make or break your ability to lose weight, age slowly, prevent cancer and perform at a high level. Sleep is the cornerstone of optimal health. Are you valuing it enough?

Did you know that sleep meds are assoicated with increased mortality? Andthey've been shown to only add 30-40 minutes of sleep to your schedule (and not necessarily good quality sleep).

Sleep not only affects our health but it impacts our relationships, our productivity and our mood. Sleep deprivation increases cortisol (a key stress hormone) which makes you eat more and store more belly fat. It slows down your thyroid and throws your blood sugar out of whack. Lack of enough sleep initiates the downfall of every system in your body. 

If you're not sleeping well you need to start taking it seriously. Because if you're serious about:

  • aging gracefully and looking young
  • improving your relationships 
  • stabilizing your moods
  • reducing your risk of cancer
  • balancing your hormones
  • strengthening your immune system
  • losing weight
  • becoming pain-free
  • lowering your risk of Alzheimers
  • longevity

Then you need to dial in your sleep habits and start rebuilding yourself one night at a time.