My 2018 Integrity Report

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Every year author James Clear publishes an Integrity Report. In it he assesses whether or not his actions aligned with his core values. Instead of doing my usual list of accomplishments like I did in 2017 and 2016, I thought I would follow suit and do my own integrity report based on mine.

So how did I do this year?

Accountability: A big win this year was collaborating and masterminding with Carly Banks who has become a great friend. And we got a puppy who is holding me accountable to daily walks! This core value gets a 9!

Adventure: This year I attended my very first international yoga retreat as a student! BIG WIN. I also went to an Acroyoga festival in Jamaica and my hubby and I went to NYC. I taught at my first yoga festival and attended 3. This one gets an 8.

Authenticity: This year one of my goals was to be more present and open on social media. I’m a pretty private person so this is quite a stretch for me. I didn’t post as much as I said I would and encountered quite a bit of resistance here. I would rate myself at a 6 on this one.

Beauty: Another one of my goals for 2018 was to finally get a home office and move my home yoga studio to our suite – it happened! However, the home office walls still need to be painted and pictures need to go up. I also didn’t reach my goal of rebranding. I would rate myself a 7.

Compassion: Self-care is such a cornerstone in my life and this year was no different. In fact, I worked a little less this year and accomplished more. I took a few things off my plate which has allowed me to focus on fewer things. An 8.

Empowerment: I’m living my dream life every day. And teaching others to do the same. A 10!

Family: To be completely transparent, I could have done better here. I was very focused on my business this year that I coasted in this area. Thankfully I have the best husband who is the best dad and plays with our boys daily. I give myself a 7.

Happiness: This year I continued to eliminate stuff, people and projects that no longer sparked joy. That process is never-ending. I can honestly say that having solid self-care routines in place and doing my dharma makes me the happiest girl alive. A 10!!!

Health: I completed a 10-day sugar detox and aside from the holidays manage to eat sugar-free 80% of the time. I only missed my morning exercise and meditation a handful of times and I’ve been pretty religious about being in bed before 10. A 9!

Growth: I grew and challenged myself in leaps and bounds. I hit a very big income goal, read 41 books, coached 75 new students and enrolled in a high-level coaching program. A 10 for sure.

In summary, I’m very happy with what I accomplished this year and how I spent my time. The 2 goals that I set that I didn’t reach, I wasn’t ready for.

What about you? Were you in integrity with your values and goals this year? Did you align your daily actions with what’s most important and what you really want?

There’s always room for improvement, the key is that you’re actively making progress and have a system for doing so. You need to keep your values and goals somewhere visible and look at them often. Then, you’re more likely to align your daily actions with them. And in doing so, you’ll live a life of integrity.

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