Letting go feels good, giving away feels even better


Six years ago I took Max (at the time only 6 months old) to visit my sister in Nepal during her study abroad program with the School for International Training. I had done the exact same program 11 years earlier.

My travels in Nepal changed my perspective forever. We trekked through eastern Nepal through remote villages and slept on the mud floors of the villagers houses who took us in with open arms and fed us dhaal bhaat (rice with lentils) for literally pennies. I trekked to Annapurna base camp - the tenth highest mountain in the world and saw the most magnificent views in my life. I spend months exploring the various Buddhist and Hindu temples in Kathmandu and around and attended my very first yoga retreat where I did my very first cleanse.


I have so many beautiful memories and was touched so deeply by the warm, open people of Nepal. It saddens me so much to see the devastation that's occurred from the earthquake. If I could I would pack my bags and go and help. However, it's just not possible for me at this time in my life. So I'm trying to help in other ways. You can too.

This Saturday, May 9th from 11-4pm, Barb Vermassen and I are hosting a clothing and book swap and shop at my house. I've been wanting to do some major clothing and home purging so it's been very timely. This is a perfect opportunity to do some spring cleaning for a good cause! Please donate clothes and books you no longer need and do some shopping for yourself! All the proceeds will go directly to Earthquake relief.

"One man's trash is another man's treasure".

Oranj Fitness is also offering several classes next Tuesday, May 12th by donation for Nepal. One of those is my Foundation Flow at 5:15.

When you travel to a place like Nepal, you realize how little you really need. The people of Nepal are happy, kind and incredibly generous. Many still live in houses without running water and electricity and with wood burning stoves in the middle of their living room. Yet, they are completely content.

Look around. Notice how much you do have. Sometimes we get stuck in feeling like we need more, that there's not enough, like we're lacking in some way. We are so fortunate. We have more than enough.

We ALL can afford to give a little and make a big difference. When we give away, we get so much more in return.

xo, Dana