It's about time

Over the past month I've been exploring the subject of time. How we spend it, why we feel like there's not enough of it and ultimately how to expand it. As a culture we have become victims of time claiming that "there's not enough hours in the day", and we're "too busy". We're always trying to beat the clock because "life is short". We think we’re being noble by tending to everyone else's needs and then blame lack of time for our inability to take good care of ourselves. I know, I've made all these excuses myself. 

But I got tired of hearing myself say "busy" as a response to "how are you?". I didn’t want to feel perpetually behind or scattered and overwhelmed anymore. I wanted to feel on top of my game. I wanted to feel in control of my time and in charge of my life.

In order to do that I needed to take full ownership of my time. I needed to take responsibility for how I was spending it and begin to consciously design my days in line with what was most important.  

If we are not satisfied with how we spend our time we need to shine the light of awareness on it and get really real about what aspect of our life we are not taking full responsibility for. When I was frustrated about feeling like there wasn't enough time to do my yoga practice, or to do things for myself, I was the one who wasn't making those things happen. There was no one to blame but myself. Until we take ownership for our results, we will always remain the victim and nothing will ever change.  

I challenge you to stop using time as an excuse for not doing the things you know you need (and want) to do. You are in charge of how you spend your time.

You're already in the driver's seat, now just put your hands on the steering wheel

Get clear on: 

  1. What's most important?
  2. If you could craft a perfect day, what would it look like? Create a model calendar. Without a clear vision of what you want, it's hard to move in that direction 
  3. What is one baby step you can take in that direction? 

It comes down to knowing what you want, reverse engineering a plan of action, getting the support you need, and taking the first baby step. This goes for time, your health, your happiness, and whatever other area of life you want to improve. It starts with owning your problems and being committed to resolving them. In The Big Leap Gay Hendricks states:

"The shift takes place the moment you embrace one profoundly simple truth: You're where time comes from."  
Stop wasting time on complaining and put that energy into ownership.  
"More important is the bigger issue: Time is running out. 
For all the things you might want to experience. 
Time is running out for you to level up or connect or to be generous to someone who really needs you. 
Time is running out for you to become the person you've decided to be, to make the difference you seek to make, to produce the work you know you're capable of." - Seth Godin