How to increase your chance of reaching your goals by 85%


Numerous studies have shown that accountability and peer support increase your chances of reaching your goal by 85%!!! That's 75% more than if you just have an idea, 45% more than if you just have a deadline, and 35% more than if you just have a plan. 

If you want to make big things happen in your life you can't expect to do them alone. 

I realize this more and more as I set bigger goals and stretch into the next iteration of myself. We need guidance, community, peer support and accountability. We need people to call us out when we're playing too small. We need people to call us forward when we're holding back. And we need people to stand by our side when we've fallen down. 

When we set and reach goals in a group we can bounce ideas off each other and help you stay accountable. And nothing tops having open ears to listen to our dreams and struggles. Being in a group will expand your thinking to create new ideas, enthusiasm, and momentum towards achieving goals faster than you could on your own.

Over the past 3 years I've led group coaching courses where I've created an encouraging, accepting and non-judgemental environment to support people in reaching their health and life goals. 

Two years ago I created a mastermind course with the intention of crafting a life you love using the principles of yoga, Ayurveda, personal growth and life coaching. Every member of that group has taken it a second time and now are enrolled in a third timeWhy?  Because having a group of like-minded peers to connect and grow with is invaluable. 

We're all capable of so much more than we realize. We just need the support and the system that enables us to reach our goals. That's what Do Your Dharma provides: the structure, confidence and support to reach your goals. You will uncover your purpose and learn how to take actionable steps towards it.

Over the past few years I've watched my students reach their goals. Watch the videos below where Sonya shares how accountability helped her start a podcast and where Karin shares how she gave herself permission to write and publish her book!

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