How to have more time (for parents)

Having kids rocked my world.

Before these little beings entered my life I had no one to take care of but myself and my husband (he really needed taking care of!). I remember when we took Max (our oldest) home from the hospital and it felt so surreal. Like someone just plopped this little being into our lives and WTF where was the instruction manual???

It took 2 of us to change the diaper (one to hold and lift the legs, the other to deal with the diaper – I know ridiculous right???) But it was all on me to breastfeed and stay home alone with this helpless little being. And that began the series of challenges of parenting that I know will never end.

But damn is it worth it! My heart explodes with love day after day. Like when I catch my 2 boys in a cute moment of interaction, or when out of the blue Gavin (my youngest) says: "mom, I love you".

Parenting is a wild and crazy adventure. While self-care practices have been vital for navigating this whirlwind of a ride, I've really appreciated advice and support from experts who share tools for raising our next generation. It's also been invaluable to connect with other mothers to know that I'm not the only one faced with the challenges of picky eaters, sibling rivalry and sleep issues.

We are creating our future and the future of our world through our kids. Our kids will be the next leaders, change-makers and world shakers that we raise them to be. We have a huge responsibility to equip them with the best possible foundation for creating a better world.

And we also just want our kids to be healthy, happy and confident.

I'm teaming up with a parenting and child sleep expert Kari Wright to create a new course for parents who want to raise healthier kids – in body, mind and spirit. We want to address your specific challenges and meet your needs. Please take 2 minutes to fill out our short survey and we will send you a tip sheet on 8 ways to have more time!