How to create a balanced life

Work-life balance is a constant struggle for so many. When we feel "out of balance" it's often because we're not spending enough time on what really matters.  

Often we're stuck on a hamster wheel of busy living - getting things done but not actually growing or progressing in our lives. We feel trapped under a to-do list, responsibilities and commitments we're not psyched about.  

I experienced that frustration from the time I became a mother until about 2 years ago. 

Being a stay-at-home mom and part time yoga teacher meant that I was working evenings, during naps, on weekends and in between interruptions for PB&J sandwiches. Every moment of my time was spent either cooking, cleaning, tending to my kids needs, doing administrative duties for my work, studying to improve my skills, writing blogs or newsletters, creating workshops or courses, or planning classes. My husband crowned me "the most stressed-out yoga teacher". 

In short, my life was desperately lacking in fun and balance. I was unhappy, on edge, and unsatisfied. I felt that my time was not my own

I didn't know what else to do; I was passionate about my work and I felt I still needed to "do it all" as a mom and housewife.  

Then I started to create morning and evening routines that enabled me to fit in time for self-care. I started to change how I was spending my time. Once I began to honor and take care of my body, I had less tolerance for running myself into the ground and my life transformed... 

  • I got really clear about what I wanted, what was most important and began to prioritize those things. 
  • I stopped working by 4pm so I could start preparing an early dinner and enjoy the evening with my family. 
  • I stopped trying to work while my kids were around because I was getting too frustrated with the constant interruptions. 
  • I stopped trying to do it all and enlisted help with child care and housework. 
  • I stopped wasting as much time on social media, emails, magazine reading and TV and got really good at focusing my attention on what was most important. 
  • I started getting organized with scheduling. I set aside time to plan quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily. 
  • I started setting boundaries around my self care. I made my Keystone habits non-negotiable. 

Because of the changes I've made I have shifted from being crazed and overworked to being more balanced, calm and happy. Balance is a constant, shifting state – so it's something that I continue to work on and refine. However, I'm light years ahead of where I was just a few years ago. I've learned how to manage my time, reach my goals and take charge of my life. I can honestly say that I love my life and am incredibly grateful for all the abundance.  

However, I would have never made those changes without the guidance of my coach, support from my community and holding myself accountable to my students.  

I made a choice not to settle and I committed to making it happen. 

Knowing what to do and actually DOING it are two drastically different things. More knowledge doesn't necessarily equate to taking action. Which is why I've created Align and Thrive and Empowered Living to guide members into a more balanced life through a step-by-step process, peer support and accountability.
If you're ready to step into thrive and craft a life you love, let's talk and find out if it's what you're looking for to get un-stuck. It can be so helpful just to talk to someone about your current challenges to gain some clarity. We'll figure out where to put your focus on next to finally make some positive changes in your life. It's time to take action. Set up your FREE 30 minute clarity session with me here