How to be world class - an interview with a world champion

Last week I had the opportunity to interview one of my students who happens to be the 2015 World Champion endurance cyclist (yes, I feel pretty cool to be able to call her my student and friend). In the interview I ask Sonya the question: what has been your biggest obstacle? Her answer? Herself.  

In my yoga health coaching we spend a lot of time talking about resistance. You know the thing that shows up when we're trying to make changes – changes that we WANT. But then there's this thing that arises, that attempts to sabotage us and keeps us stuck in old patterns. The resistance shows up in many forms – excuses, perfectly reasonable explanations, friends and family members (we "think" they are the problem), jobs, life responsibilities, finances... you name it.Steven Pressfield wrote a whole book about it.  

Why then, do we get in our own way? Why does resistance show up and make it harder than it already is? 

In Tantric yoga there's a concept of concealment and revelation. Consciousness creates duality in order to see itself. The only way to experience something is through the presence of the opposite. For example (in layman's terms), we can only experience true happiness if we know what sheer pain feels like.  

In order to act in alignment with our highest intentions, we need to experience the frustration of resistance. It's part of the process.  

What's interesting is that WE put the obstacle there ourselves (unconsciously of course). Why? So that we have to slay the dragon! As part of our journey, we create obstacles so that we may build our own capacity for patience, strength and compassion. We must overcome the challenges that stand in our way in order to get the gold (or the title of world champion!). It's the only way. 

So next time you encounter a challenge or perceived obstacle (you can just name it resistance), remember – it's there as an opportunity for your own growth. Receive the invitation and slay the dragon.

Check out the interview below!