Easeful Living

Easeful Living is the 10th habit I teach in Align and Thrive. Easeful living is a habit in and of itself but it's also a result of the previous 9 habits. Easeful living is about being more present, more calm, more content, and more at peace.  

Easeful living is about being able to savor each moment and to tap into gratitude and the abundance that surrounds us.  

It's about feeling so deeply nourished by life that there's more patience and compassion for those around us.  

Easeful living is about being in a flow and having a deeper trust that you are taken care of.  

So how do we tap into this delicious state of being?

It comes about from daily self-care and healthy routines.  

When we're not in an easeful state chances are we haven’t aligned our day with what matters most. Or maybe we're too busy and overscheduled to be able to slow down and enjoy ourselves. Maybe we haven't taken care of ourselves with proper food, the right exercise or enough sleep. Maybe we're stuck in a cycle of rushing and worrying and feel like we're in a perpetual state of stress and anxiety.  

Tantric yoga philosophy states that life is inherently supportive. In the yogic text the word niralambaya means - "never without" and it also means "without limbs". In other words, the universe has got your back; your job is to lean back into that intrinsic support and know that you have everything you need already inside of you. 

Another known thread in yoga is sthira sukham asanam. Which means our seat, or our state, should be steady and easeful.  

But most of us don't have this experience. We don't feel supported by our jobs, our partners, our friends or even life itself. At least this was my experience before I adopted self-care practices and a daily routine that allowed me to tap into the feeling of fullness because I gave myself what I needed to feel whole.  

Easeful living is created when: 

  • We are well nourished by our diet 
  • We are well rested with restorative sleep 
  • We feel good in our skin through daily movement and exercise 
  • We spend time in silence daily and clear our minds 
  • We practice self-love through self-massage 
  • We take care of our body, mind and heart on every level 
  • We take control of our day and are intentional with our time 

How would you craft your day to feel more grounded and easeful? What habits do you need to feel your very best each day?