Don't sell yourself short

Happy New Year! 

After just returning from a two week trip to Texas to visit my family, I spent New Year's day unpacking, tidying up and cleaning the house. I was clearing the slate and preparing for the new year ahead while listening to the audiobook The 10X Rule. Although the author is a bit coarse for me, the message rang true – we need to aim high and dream big unless we want to settle for mediocrity and average (and who wants that???). We need to 10X our actions and our mindset to achieve phenomenal success.  

I first learned the concept of BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goals) during my ambassadorship at Lululemon. The idea of setting stretch goals was reinforced again in the book Smarter, Faster, Better. Now in 10X I'm reminded to not hold back when deciding what to go for next in my life. 

So many people don't even set goals (only 3% of us do) because of a fear that they won't be able to achieve them. Or maybe past failures have caused them to lose faith in their ability to attain them.  

It kills me to see people squander their potential. We see people who have reached somewhat unattainable goals and assume they have something we don't have. We chalk up their successes to innate talent, good connections, or genetic gifts.  

What separates those people is their belief in themselves and their willingness to be unrealistic and uncompromising in their dreams and to never give up on themselves. We are all capable to that if we choose. And yes, it's a choice.  

In 10X, the author poses the question:

"What goal would you set if you knew you could achieve it?".

Stop, close your eyes and take a moment to contemplate this question.  

Our success in any realm comes down to two things: 1) our mindset and 2) our habits. 

If we learn how to get our minds right and change our thinking and if we understand the anatomy of habits and how to create routines that lead us to our dreams, how can we NOT get there (or at least pretty damn close)? 

We are living in a time where all the tools we need to create a beautiful life is at our fingertips. There is NO excuse to play small and sell yourself short.  

What is your dream for your health? What would you envision for your body if you knew you could get there?