Crack the Code to Your Potential

I just finished up my 5 day GROW STRONG CHALLENGE. It was a blast and the sense of community and peer support that was cultivated in just a few days blew me away... 

I've been thinking a lot about what it takes to reach our reach our potential. Growing strong is simply a means of getting there, it's what we need to foster within ourselves to be able to take the leap forward towards living into our optimal self.  

Today is the summer solstice so I thought it would be appropriate to talk about potential – which is what this potent time of year represents. Being the longest day of the year the fire element is strongest which represents our passion, creativity, creation, rebirth, renewal, action and clarity. Fire creates transformation. We can harness this fire energy of the sun and use it as fuel to propel us forward to our potential.  

Our potential is not an end state. Our potential is limitless – there is no end to what we're capable of becoming. It's a summitless peak, our job is simply to keep forging ahead and moving up. 

When I asked the participants of the challenge why they signed up, many answered to the effect that they feel stuck and aren’t doing what they know they should be doing. Can you relate? 

So how do we get unstuck and do what needs to be done so that we can feel on purpose – moving towards our potential? 

When you dig deep into why you're not moving forward you will uncover some sort of low self esteem. So we start there. How do you build self-confidence so that you're honoring your own desire to self-actualize?  

Self confidence comes from self-care and living in integrity. It naturally arises when we're taking care of ourselves and making decisions that are in alignment with our values. Self-worth arises AFTER we start to simply nurture and nourish ourselves – if follows behavior, not the other way around.  

When we actually partake in self-care habits and routines is begins to change us from the inside out. We not only have more energy but we take ownership of our life and we build a strong, steady foundation on which to build upon to move towards our potential. 

You need to start at the bottom. Get the fundamentals of self-care nailed down. Once you're eating right, sleeping well, exercising regularly, a taking proper care of your body and mind then the next horizon of your potential will be revealed.  

When I started to develop steady self-care routines that I stuck with daily I began to gain a clarity that allowed me to see what the next step was on my journey. I knew what I wanted with such transparency that it made it really easy to move forward in that direction.  

So if you feel stuck, if you're not doing what you know you should in terms of taking care of yourself, and if you're ready to get on a path that will lead you to your potential, then you should join my next session of Align and Thrive

In Align and Thrive we embed the daily habits of thrive. We support each other, we make a plan and we gain all the tools needed to get unstuck and create an unstoppable momentum for transformation. I make it easy, I make it fun and I make it possible to tap into limitless possibility so that you have the confidence to take the next leap towards your potential. 

So if you're sick of being stuck, if you're ready for a breakthrough and if you want my guidance, get on the phone with me and let's see if it's a fit. This is a "no strings attached" opportunity to chat with me about your personal challenges and gain clarity about what you want next.