Change your questions, change your life

What’s your wildly important goal?

Do you have one?

What’s that one thing, that if you realized it, would make all the difference??

Imagine yourself having achieved it…

What would be different?

How does it feel?

Now ask yourself…

How badly do I want this?

What am I willing to sacrifice in order to get it?

What would it actually take to attain it?

These are all good and important questions. 

Questions like these have the capacity to transform your life. 

Change your questions, change your life.

Ask the right questions, and your mind gets to work finding the right answers.

Then there’s the questions we don’t want to ask like:

What’s wrong with me?

What if I don’t have what it takes?

What if I’m inherently flawed and it doesn’t work for me?

These questions aren’t helpful.

Inquiry practice is at the heart of self discovery. It’s what I’ve used to tap into my inner guide and uncover deep desires that lie dormant inside me. Good questions are the keys that unlock doorways that open us up to possibility and potentiality. 

If you find yourself stuck, ask better questions and doors will open up where before there were only walls.

Sometimes we think there’s only one way to live our lives and to do our jobs. In those instances we haven’t asked the right questions and thus remain inside a box of our own creation.

Sometimes, one question can be the catalyst to an entirely different world.

Dana SkoglundComment