Becoming Superhuman

One of my favorite yoga sutras is II.48 - Yoga makes the impossible possible. In the third book of the sutras Patanjali talks about the superpowers a yogi attains through consistent and dedicated practice. It sounds pretty out there... until it doesn't, that is until you start to feel so in control of your life that your dreams feel reachable. 

This has been my personal experience. Every year on this path of refining my habits and intentionally creating daily routines that align with my goals, I feel I'm capable of achieving more. As I build my ojas energy bank and supercharge my day with my morning routine, I'm starting to really understand what the yogis of lore were talking about.  

These superpowers, or "siddhis", as described in the sutras are spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers, abilities, and attainments that are the products of spiritual advancement through sādhanās or daily habits of yogis.  

Some of these abilities include 

  • The fulfillment of any desire 
  • The unlocking of your highest potential and awakening of your true self on every level, mind, body, spirit and beyond, which is foundational for any of the more advanced practices that lead to the development of superhuman intelligence and other extraordinary abilities 
  • Loving-kindness for all  
  • Extraordinary strength-mentally, physically, and spiritually 
  • Knowledge of the composition and coordination of bodily energies, which may be interpreted as an exceptional mind-body connection, or as a self-healing ability 
  • Exceptional stability, balance, or health  
  • Intuition  
  • Blazing radiance which can be interpreted in several ways, as possession of exceptional charisma or as exceptional mind-body control 
  • Perfection of the body 

These abilities are in your reach. They reside inside as your untapped potential. You have no idea what's possible for you through a shift in your daily habits. 

These siddhis don’t require hours and hours of daily arduous spiritual practices. In my experience they arise out of simple daily routines that align our habits with nature's cycles (think circadian rhythms). They emerge through small habits, done over time, through proper nourishment, rest, movement and self-care. Beautifully simplistic, these foundational habits unlock our potential and enable a higher level of performance. These daily routines increase our capacity to become superhuman.  

These are the habits I teach in my 11 week healthy habits course Align and Thrive. This amazing group coaching experience has guided over 70 yogis into optimal daily routines to access their superhuman abilities. I invited a few of my students to share what transformed as a result of adopting these habits. Watch it here.

If you want to experience the siddhis listed above or even if you just want deeper integrity, more energy, more ease in your day-to-day life and more balance, this course provides real results. If you're tired of being too busy, overwhelmed and stressed-out, I'd love to talk to you and see if it's the right fit.  Book a session with me here and let's get you started on being bulletproof every day. Together we will slay the villains of procrastination, bad habits and negativity and enable you to access your superhuman potential.

The Sun in Drag

You are the Sun in drag.
You are God hiding from yourself.
Remove all the ‘mine’ – that is the veil.
Why ever worry about anything?
Listen to what your friend Hafiz
Knows for certain:
The appearance of this world
Is a Magi’s brilliant trick, though its affairs are
Nothing into nothing.
You are a divine elephant with amnesia
Trying to live in an ant
Sweetheart, O sweetheart
You are God in Drag!

— Hafiz