Are you tending to your inner fire?

In the past I had never been very decisive. I never knew what I wanted to be "when I grew up". I considered my indecisiveness nothing more than FOMO, until I learned more about Ayurveda.  

In Ayurveda the power of discernment is a product of tejas, the refined essence of the fire element in the body. 

Fire creates light - the light of awareness or natural intelligence. In our body fire is our power of digestion and transformation – our ability to process everything we take in (food, images, thoughts, emotions, experiences, everything) and transmute it into energy and consciousness.   

When we have low tejas we may experience confusion, inability to make good decisions, fogginess, lack focus or passion or feel dull or gloomy. This lack of clarity is not a personality flaw but simply a product of an out-of-balance lifestyle or a pattern of burning out (too much fire). 

When I began to eat an earlier, lighter dinner and follow the healthier eating guidelines of Ayurveda, my digestive fire or agni became balanced. And as I countered my go-getter tendencies with a daily meditation practice, oil self-massage, a calming evening routine and earlier bedtime, I began to gain clarity and direction. For the first time in my life I had a true sense of purpose and I had the energy to carry it out.  

This is the natural evolution of following an Ayurvedic daily routine. The daily habits strengthen our digestion which burns off the toxins that literally block our ability to see clearly and make good decisions. The habits build a deep energy and vitality that enables us to move swiftly forward. They grow our inner strength and confidence so we get deeply connected to our intuition and are guided by our inner wisdom. 

The power of discrimination that we gain from balanced tejas allow us to burn off and let go of what isn't good for us and choose what's optimal. This inner fire creates radiance, beauty and clear vision.  

So if you're feeling unclear, worn out or unmotivated, here are a few suggestions for balancing tejas: 

  • Meditate daily. Learn to train your awareness to rest in the present moment. 

  • Journal. Self-inquiry practices are so effective for uncovering our purpose. Creating time and space for the big questions are essential for our personal growth and gaining insight 

  • Set intentions. Every morning when I wake up, I ask myself how I can be of service. I connect to my bigger vision and plan what steps I need to take that day to move towards it.  

  • Detox. Toxins in the body not only block the physical channels but also cloud the mind. Detox daily and carve out time once or twice a year for a cleanse. 

  • Be mindful about what you're taking in through your five senses. Limit repetitive social media and email checking and instead opt for time in nature. Notice how what you eat, watch and listen to affect you.  

  • Reduce your exposure to energy-suckers. Surround yourself with people who uplift, inspire and energize you. You become the company you keep.