A New Year pep talk

It’s January and time for a fresh start, time to make resolutions, set goals and intentions for the New Year. I’ve been particularly engaged in this process because I've decided to really go for it this year – to aim high and dream big. It’s a scary process venturing out of your comfort zone, but I've always been a bit of a thrill seeker so I get a rush out of stepping into unseen territory. I met with one of my friends and marketing mentor in November to ask the big questions of what I want, what my vision is and what I’m here to do – in other words: what’s my dharma? So I went through a process of self-inquiry, re-visiting what I've already done and love. Then the next question is: with what I know and love, how can I best SERVE? One of the most profound teachings I got from the Landmark Forum (thanks Lulu!) which I attended in December was: whether or not you achieve your goals and what actions you take to work towards them is directly related to how big, wide, deep and meaningful your goal is. The goal has to be bigger than you and for more than just yourself. You need a powerful answer to the question: HOW COME (why do you want what you want and desire your goal)? What’s important that’s outside of YOU? That is the passion that will fuel your effort; which is the next ingredient needed to achieve your goals.

Success in any realm comes with consistent, persistent effort, or abhayasa.

"Abhyasa (practice) is a dedicated, unswerving, constant, and vigilant search into a chosen subject pursued against all odds in the face of repeated failures, for indefinitely long periods of time."- B.K.S. Iyengar

I came across this Ted Talk by Angela Duckworth that outlines the formula for success: GRIT = passion + perseverance.

It’s practice and love that brings success--not IQ, natural talent, circumstance, etc. (we're really good at making all kinds of excuses for not following our dreams). It’s trying and trying again, despite all the challenges and obstacles that will get you there.  Show up like someone who has already achieved your goals would. So I've been making lists, putting action steps in my calendar, working on staying organized and procrastinating a little less. This year will be busy but I’m excited and ready to do the work. Stay tuned.

So what do YOU want? Why do you want it? What do you need to practice to get there? Stop making excuses and start doing the work. And keep at it and stick to it. And when you fall, get up and try again. Start NOW.

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