3 Things I Consume Every Single Day

Human beings thrive on routine. Whether you're a free spirit or a more ordered individual, we can't deny that our physiology loves rhythm and regularity. Whether you recognize this deep human need or not, our nervous system feels the effects of living an asynchronistic lifestyle. The more we can embed what Jonathan Fields calls "certainty anchors" into our day, the more our subtle body relaxes into ease.  

As adults living in a free world we can choose to make every day different. But damn – that's a lot of decisions to make on a day-to-day basis which inevitably leads to decision-making burnout (which equals poor choices).  

This is why creating healthy routines to start and end your day enables your body to reap the benefits of good habits done consistently over time as well as frees up and generates a whole lot of energy for the rest of your life. 

You can learn more about my morning routine here, but I thought I would share the 3 beverages I consume every single morning. 

Hot water with lemon
Upon arising I rehydrate with about a quart of warm water with a squeeze of lemon. This boosts digestion, encourages proper elimination, increases metabolism, and supports proper liver and lymph function. 

Nut milk matcha latte
When I wanted to give up coffee a few years ago I needed a replacement. I loved the ritual of my morning coffee and I loved the rich, creamy flavor (I drank mine with chocolate almond milk). So I needed something that was equally delicious and had that ritual aspect to it. When I discovered matcha lattes it was a perfect fit. Not only do I love the taste, but I love the fact that it's chock full of health benefits. Matcha is also unique in the fact that it provides a slow release of energy as opposed to the crack-like buzz of coffee.  #Iloveyousomatcha #goodenoughtogiveupcoffee Watch my how-to video on how I make the perfect matcha latte.

Green smoothie
I started drinking green smoothies for breakfast about 5 years ago when I wanted to eat a more nutrient dense diet. It was a perfect way to consume a large amount of vitamin and mineral rich leafy greens without having to eat buckets of salads. My green smoothie has evolved over the years and now the only fruit (besides avocado) that I add is blueberries as I've transitioned to a more low-sugar diet. This was my go-to recipe for years, now it looks more like this or this

The idea is that I never have to think about what I'm going to eat for breakfast. I know what sets me up for a great day ahead so I do what works. 

What about you? How do you bring ritual into your morning routine?