21-Days to Optimal Digestion Challenge

Last week I returned from a 2-week trip to Bali. The trip was amazing but I returned home with a bit of "Bali belly" (upset stomach, no appetite, constipation). After a few days of getting back to my routine and applying all the tricks up my sleeve for getting my digestion back in good working order, I'm happy to say that things are running smoothly (pun intended). 

This month in my Empowered Living course we're focusing on optimal digestion and strengthening agni (digestive fire in Ayurvedic speak). Digestive health is an area where Ayurveda really excels in. This ancient healing system understands that the root of all disease begins in the gut. Any imbalance can be traced back to impaired agni. Ayurveda views agni as the source of all of life and even reveres a god by the same name. 

Most westerners abuse their digestion by eating too much, too often, the wrong foods and at the wrong times. 60% of our energy goes towards our metabolism. So, if you're stressing your digestive system through unhealthy eating habits – you're going to experience low energy and mental dullness. 

Signs your digestion could use a little love: 

  • Emotional disturbances, with an increased tendency toward fear, anxiety, anger, confusion, lethargy, or depression. 

  • Low energy, weakness, or fatigue 

  • Suppressed or over-active appetite 

  • Indigestion: gas, bloating, constipation, nausea, hyperacidity, loose stools, a sense of heaviness, feeling tired or mentally foggy after meals. 

  • A tendency toward congestion in the sinuses, the lymph, or even the mind. 

If you have any of the above I would love to invite you to join the community in a 21-day optimal digestion challenge. I've outlined 21 tips for promoting digestive ease and balanced agni. Download the checklist and follow along in the Grow Strong Facebook Group. I'll be sharing articles, tips and tricks along the way to help you cultivate perfect health through strong digestion! This means you'll create a buffer against sickness as we move into cold and flu season. Strong digestion = strong immune system! 

Dana SkoglundComment