12 Hearty Soups for Fall + Winter

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Ayurveda is the study of life (Ayu-life, Veda-study, knowledge or truth). Ayurveda teaches us how to live in rhythm with the cycles of nature and how to sync our daily routine with the cycles of the sun and moon. In Ayurveda there are daily routines (dinacharya) that follow the 24 hour cycle, and there's seasonal routines (ritucharya) that follow the different seasons of the year. 

Right now we're in fall or "vata" season which is dominated by the elements of air and space. The governing principle in Ayurveda is that like increases like which creates imbalance, whereas opposites cultivate balance. The qualities of air and space are cold, dry, rough, light, and mobile. To balance out these qualities we need to bring in the opposing qualities of warm, moist, soft, heavy and steady. We can do this through diet, lifestyle and even mindset. Read more about balancing for fall here.

Vata is the dosha that goes out of balance the easiest and wreaks the most havoc on our system. The list of vata imbalances is long, but suffice to say that we all could use a good dose of vata-balancing in our lives, especially in the season where vata energy presides. 

Eating a vata-balancing diet is one strategy, another is having a regular daily routine which includes eating, waking and sleeping at the same time everyday. The body LOVES regularity and thrives on a consistent daily routine. Read more about my Ayurvedic daily routine here.

The first habit I teach in my Ayurvedic daily routine course Align + Thrive is eating an earlier, lighter dinner. I recommend soups, stews and other easy to digest foods that don't put a lot of load on the digestive system at a time of day when the body doesn't have the capacity to break down and burn up heavy foods. 

Since we're in fall and soups are the perfect fall food (warming, moistening and grounding) I thought I would share my top 12 favorite soup recipes. Soups are easy to digest and packed with nutrients. Eating soup for dinner can help you avoid a cold, recover from being sick, cleanse your system and help you drop some unwanted weight. Eating soup for dinner will help you wake up feeling light, clear and energized and ready to conquer the day!

Download my 12 Hearty Soup Recipes Here. 

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