“I’m the only thing standing in my way, how do I get myself to stop procrastinating and self-sabotaging?”

>> That’s exactly what I teach in my course! Most of us know WHAT to do, we’re just not doing it! And there’s many reasons why (and I address all of them in the program). In fact, that will be our main focus for the Spring session. You’re going to learn how to eliminate the CAUSE of bad habits and procrastination. 

“How will I prevent backsliding and losing momentum?”

>> You’ll learn how to make permanent changes that stick! Align and Thrive is about learning to automate healthy habits that become your default. By bookending your days with rocking morning and evening routines that are dialed in, you’ll feel so good that you won’t want to stop doing them. Many students say that the habits make them feel so grounded that they can’t wait to get back to them if they’ve gone off track.

This course has tons of accountability structures built in to keep you on track. And you have lifetime access to the course and community, so you can continue to grow and learn in the years to come.

“I don’t want to give up my coffee and wine! Do I have to?”

>> No one is asking you to give up ANYTHING. This is about bringing your body back into balance and learning to read your body like a book. Then YOU will know and decide what does and does not work for you and gain the tools to release what is no longer serving you. My students find that their “need” for caffeine and wine disappears all on its own. Most just reduce the amount they are drinking on a daily basis.

“How will I make changes without disturbing my family rhythm?”

>> I have 2 young boys and a husband who is NOT into this stuff. Each has their own food preferences. But one thing I know, when I started to take care of myself, I was a way better mom and wife. Because I was filling my own cup first, I had way more to give. And when mama is happy - everyone is happy.

My whole family is eating better and I’m also setting an example for my kids and modeling what a healthy lifestyle and taking time for self-care looks like. And in my opinion, that’s invaluable.

That being said, I recommend my students work on changing themselves and never forcing change on ANYONE else. (It doesn’t work anyway and is often met with a TON of resistance). Often family members are inspired because they see the results in you, like my student Laura-Lee who I told you about yesterday. Who could YOU impact???

“How long before I get results?”

>> Literally you can see results from one day to the next. These habits WORK, plain and simple. The habits provide immediate results. When you do them, change happens FAST!

We jump start rapid weight loss and turbo-boost our energy with a 10-day detox. (It’s totally doable – I walk you through it step-by-step). Most of my students have never done a detox before (they never thought they would be able to). The results they get in the first week are kinda crazy. They feel so amazing that many just keep going… indefinitely. (It’s the kind of detox that easily becomes a way of life)

“I don’t have time. My schedule is already full.”

>> The busier you are, the MORE you need an automated daily routine. Even if you’re busy, work full time, and take care of loved ones, you’ll be able to make small changes that yield HUGE results.

Here’s what a busy working mom of a 1-year old (she’s a physician, volunteers and is highly involved in the community) said:

Align and thrive isn’t only for people who love yoga or who have lots of time to work on themselves - it’s for them sure, but it’s the busy, the overtired, the cranky, the can’t stop people who should consider joining! This is for self care, self love and better health. From one busy person to another, I’m telling you it made all the difference in my life! My world view has shifted. My routine is more streamlined and better for me. I’m more efficient because of it; because I feel good and healthy and energized! Thank you for what you do Dana. It is an amazing course. “ - Jade Jagger

As far as time investment: Each week you’ll spend approximately 2-3 hours watching videos, attending the live sessions and implementing the program.

”I don’t feel ready”

>> Reality check - there’s no such thing as the “right time” to do anything. Life is only getting busier and time is passing.

There will ALWAYS be something. It’s simply a matter of deciding that YOUR HEALTH IS A PRIORITY and making the choice to invest in yourself. You’ll wish you had started DECADES AGO.

The only regret my students have: “I wish I had started earlier”.

Humans resist change like the plague. But those who face their fear, and do it anyway NEVER LOOK BACK.

There is NOTHING more important than the health of your body and mind.

“I have too many responsibilities, this feels self-indulgent and I feel guilty focusing on myself”

>> Ever heard of the oxygen mask principle? Like on airplanes? “Put your mask on first before helping others”

Self-care is the most UNSELFISH thing we can do. When your cup is filled up you are a better parent, friend, partner and colleague.

By putting yourself first, you increase your capacity to be of service and at the top of your game IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE.

When YOU feel better you're better to those around you. Your relationships improve, you’re more calm and more relaxed (and therefore less reactive, less moody, and less impatient).

SELF-CARE isn’t just “another thing” to focus on. It’s THE thing to focus on.

Your mental and physical health is the foundation for EVERYTHING ELSE in your life.