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Take your health and happiness into
your own hands and step into the
driver’s seat of your life. 

Are you settling for a life that’s just “fine”?
You’re capable of so much more…


Introducing… Align & Thrive.

it’s time to start putting yourself on your calendar

For women ready to live a more aligned, balanced and deeply fulfilling life without feeling guilty, selfish or limited

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BUT YOU don’t know how TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

You’re FRUSTRATED and DISCOURAGED because you’ve tried “all the things” (naturopaths, exercise programs, supplements, alternative health treatments, therapists, yoga teacher trainings…), yet you still feel like SOMETHING IS MISSING and you’re not sure what it is..

You’ve got WEIGHT TO LOSE but you can’t stick to a healthy diet (you can’t seem to kick the emotional eating habit

and you’re sick of wasting so much time obsessing about food). 

You’re BUSY and OVERWHELMED with the the never-ending to-do list and stuck in a go-go lifestyle
that’s wearing you thin and leading you to burnout. (you just want some time for yourself)

You have TROUBLE SLEEPING, you’re tired all the time and you feel like you’re just “getting through the day” and not getting anything important accomplished.

You want to be HEALTHIER but you keep sabotaging yourself with bad habits that you can’t seem to kick to the curb.

You want more BALANCE but you don’t know how to tip the scales and create the time and space for what matters most
(nurturing your important relationships and enjoying life)


You want to change and feel better,

yet wasted efforts and falling off the wagon time and time again have caused you to give up hope.

If this sounds like you,


… that we still live in a culture that promotes “busy” as a badge of honor and feeds us messages
that happiness is on the other side of a chocolate bar/glass of wine/new pair of shoes.  
… that you were never taught to put yourself first and prioritize self-care
… that you were never taught how to manage your mind and emotions, and

find true well-being and happiness from within.


Can’t be blamed for what you don’t know.

But if the current paradigm is leaving you feeling bloated, heavy, tired, wired, moody and anxious…

You CAN create a NEW NORMAL.

One that EMPOWERS.

One that ENRICHES.

One that is filled with your biggest DREAMS...

If this is what you want your NEW NORMAL to be, then Align and Thrive is for YOU.



Ayurveda is the oldest healing science in history. The power of this time-tested ancient wisdom lies in aligning your daily routine with the rhythms of nature and is central to promoting health, well-being and balance.
These daily rituals are one of the simplest and most powerful tools you have to take your health into your own hands

Because you’re not ready to settle for subpar living

SELF-CARE isn’t just “another thing”
to focus on.
It’s THE thing to focus on if...

You want to Thrive, not just Survive.



JUMPING out of bed each morning feeling bright-eyed, bushy tailed and ready to tackle your mile-high to-do list...
Eating the right foods for YOUR body without spending hours in the kitchen and feeding your family healthy meals they actually enjoy…
Having LASTING ENERGY without relying on caffeine and craving sugar to get through the day…

Integrating simple self-care practices easily into your day (so you have more patience and energy for the special people in your life)…
Falling asleep easily each night without supplements or sleep aids and SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT
so you can wake up feeling rested and ready to conquer the day…


Align and Thrive is an all-in-one approach where you’ll uncover:

  • How to live with a deeper level of INTEGRITY so you can feel aligned with your core values

  • How to achieve your BIGGEST HEALTH GOALS, even if you've tried everything and nothing worked


  • How to let go of the negative thinking and unnecessary drama that is dragging you down

  • How to break the cycle of self-sabotaging bad habits that keep rearing their ugly heads

  • The self-confidence and self-trust in knowing you can always EASILY who up for yourself first without guilt

It’s the ultimate self-care program to become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

Together, we’ll work step-by-step,

using proven habit changing techniques to establish optimal daily routines to create vibrant health and wellness.
When you join with like-minded souls with similar intentions and goals, you create unstoppable momentum for real change to take place.

But don’t take my word for it… see what these past thrivers have to say about their experience;

Is Align & Thrive right for you?

This is for you if you’re:

  • Ready to let go of extra weight, stress, anxiety, negativity, overwhelm and general blah

  • Into a natural, holistic approach to health (one that feels intuitive and logical) and you know your lifestyle is KEY to your overall well-being.

  • Open to learning more about the 5,000-year-old time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga. (beyond what happens on the yoga mat)

  • Know WHAT you should be doing, and want the accountability, support, and easy-to-follow roadmap to actually DO IT.

This is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix or band aid solution and not ready to show up and engage fully.

  • You’re always following the latest fad diet or quick to take a prescription med

  • You don’t believe that change is possible and you want to stay in a victim mindset and continue to blame your circumstances for your current results.

  • You’re not willing to make Align and Thrive a priority.



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I’ve realized that all of these habits are really teaching me how to care for myself, which is something I need more than anything. I’ve never learned that skill before. I have realized that nothing is more important than self care. My vision is shifting and clarifying, and things that don’t serve that higher purpose are falling away as things that do support it are becoming more urgent. I am slowly strengthening my “no” muscle and learning how to use it with grace and integrity...or perhaps my bigger “yes” is just beginning to eclipse all the stuff in the way.

— Carol Domanko

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Align and thrive isn’t only for people who love yoga or who have lots of time to work on themselves - it’s for them sure, but it’s for the busy, the overtired, the cranky, the can’t stop people who should consider joining! This is for self care, self love and better health. From one busy person to another, I’m telling you it made all the difference in my life! My world view has shifted. My routine is more streamlined and better for me. I’m more efficient because of it; because I feel good and healthy and energized! Thank you for what you do Dana. It is an amazing course.

- Jade Jagger

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Dana Skoglund’s Align & Thrive program has been life changing for me in the way it has created a major shift in my daily habits and my overall awareness in my daily choices. I was able to discover my true core values with assistance through the program which helps me make the best choices that align with my values. I am now able to sleep through the night without sleep aides, have decreased anxiety, and notice significant increased energy throughout the day. It has been so monumental in improving my overall health. I recommend this program to anyone wanting to improve self-care and become the best version of yourself.

- Kim Hansen

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You have 2 choices:

You can…

...Stay stuck in the self-sabotaging habits that are keeping you overweight, exhausted, sick, unhappy and stressed out.
...Keep beating your head against the wall with different diets and tactics that don’t work and then blaming yourself for not sticking to them
...Continue spinning circles and wasting tons of time and energy looking for solutions and trying to do it yourself and then feeling like a failure when it doesn’t work.
...Remain in your self-imposed bubble of shame and negativity that’s straining your relationships and wearing on your self-image. 

Or you can…

Jump into Align and Thrive knowing you’re making the best investment in yourself that you could ever make and completely change the trajectory of your health AND you life.


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This was not just a course for me, it was a life changing experience. Dana uniquely offers the tools and content you need to make a lasting change in your health, that is progressive and doable for any stage you may be in, with mentoring and guidance every step of the way

Align and Thrive is a program that will awaken and empower you to live your greatest life. Your heart and soul will sing as you step into alignment with who you are meant to be and thrive as you discover and live the 10 habits..The best investment you can give to you. I promise 

- Laura-Lee

Karin Eger-Blenk - test.icon.png

“Being an insomniac was always the most reliable thing in my life.

If someone would have told me that after just a few weeks I would get up at 5.30 in the morning after 7 hours of the deepest possible sleep and full of energy & excitement to start all my various fun projects, I would never have believed it. So what’s happened? Hard to explain, but it felt easy and natural. It was the empathetic guidance of a wonderful coach, a supportive group that shared amazing stories, and a clear goal on the horizon. Thank you, Dana! Keep doing your magic. “

— Karin Eger-Blenk

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“My habits have shifted especially my morning routine. I did not think it was possible for me to get up and feel rested and begin my day with a yoga practice. My routine sets me up for an easeful day. I feel present and unattached to what is going on around me and feel incredibly clear and present. I have more energy and am more aware of what my body needs.
I have received so much more than I had hoped. I feel that I have come to have a deeper love, understanding and acceptance of myself. I have noticed a lot of realizations relating to my personal relationships with friends/work/family. I am clearer on what my boundaries are.”

— Denise Dillon

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You will begin to live a more healthy, balanced and fulfilling life.


The daily rituals you’ll create in Align and Thrive are one of the simplest and most powerful tools you have to take your life back.

proven methods to successfully
create a lifestyle YOU love.

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“This course opened up the realization that it’s possible to put life changing habits in to place. I had really lost hope in some areas of my life. I thought I wasn’t able to stick with things long enough and that it was just “who I was”.

I am down 35 lbs! SUCH RELIEF! I had no idea I could feel this good.

Dana laid it all out in small bite-sized steps, each leading in to one another in a very non-threatening kind of way. For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel overwhelmed with all I wanted to be, do and change. Re-vamping habits and replacing old habits is totally possible. Knowing this has opened up my entire life from the seat of “possible

You gave me my life back Dana, I can never ever thank you enough. Keep doing this work - you are changing lives. My children will thank you someday... Infinite gratitude. ”

— Grace Edison

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“Dana’s Align & Thrive course changed my life more than I realized it ever could! Over the course of 3 months, I’m waking up at 5:30 AM without an alarm?!! My husband is shocked & amazed! I have completely reconnected, without fail, to a personal daily yoga practice followed by meditation each morning.
This course helped me to manage my daily life schedule to accommodate & make room for what really matters to me. I have more energy and less feelings of overwhelm and intensity. With little to no effort, I gave up television, coffee & the urge to eat chocolate on a daily basis.
I’d recommend this course to anyone who would like to build a better relationship with themselves and shift with little effort into a healthier and easeful life....
Dana is an excellent coach. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this community.... ”

— Elise Dunn

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“There’s a lot of noise these days about self-care. But what does it actually mean? I used to hear that term and roll my eyes because it seemed so new age-y and surface. When I looked around at how it was being used I saw more busy-ness, more perfecting, more distractions and more indulging. But Dana Skoglund had a different interpretation of it- being honest and clear with ourselves about what we really need. To me self-care looks a lot like facing down the deeper darker parts of yourself and shaking out the cobwebs. To me it looks like soul searching and making room to pursue the things that call to you and giving yourself space to make mistakes and fail. I LOVE a good massage or a pedicure or whatever but they’re not the things that make my life any richer feeling. Connecting, letting go of sh/t that doesn’t work, making space for quiet, pursuing projects that I’m passionate about... these are the things. Dig deeper. The world needs deeper these days. And if you need help check out Dana’s coaching. It’s straight to the point and no fluffy stuff”

— Katie Nugent

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Before I implemented the habits of Ayurveda, I felt like my life was not my own. I was stuck in a victim mentality and didn’t feel like I was in control of my life.

But I knew I was destined for more. I knew something had to change. I wasn’t ready to settle for “good enough”.

After learning about Ayurveda, my life transformed. By making time to take care of myself, I became whole again. For the first time in my adult life, I had a clear sense of my purpose AND I had the energy, drive, motivation and enthusiasm to move forward and follow it.

From that point forward, I began sharing this life-changing ancient science with other struggling women ready to take their power back.

I’ve helped hundreds of students transform their lives. It took me YEARS to make the shift, but I've streamlined the journey to make it faster, easier and way more fun!



If you are frustrated with feeling stuck and you know…

Trying to make changes on your own DOESN’T WORK.

What works is step-by-step guidance and immersing yourself in a like-minded community of people on the same path.
Studies have proven that accountability and peer support make you 85% more likely to be successful at making changes that STICK. 

Fad diets, extreme exercise routines, supplements, and quick fixes DON’T WORK.
What works is making SMALL, SIMPLE changes to your daily habits that compound into life-changing results. 

The “all or nothing”, overhaul your life all at once approach DOESN’T WORK.
What works to create real and lasting change is shifting your habits SLOWLY in a highly SUPPORTED environment. 

Reading, listening to podcasts, researching, analyzing and consuming more information DOESN’T WORK.
Knowledge is important, but CHANGE COMES FROM TAKING ACTION.

If more info were the answer, we'd all be billionaires with perfect abs.” - Derek Sivers

Then I invite you to become part
of the Align and Thrive community.

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